Sunday, February 6, 2005

Outing to Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area.

Hollister, CA

 Sorin following in his TGB11 painted in C303 Civil colors.

That must be a British contract vehicle!

Domestic 4X4's with big tires and big lifts stall out on these logs. Only the most modified make it through smoothly.

Ooops! Missed that turn. Have to remember to switch out the front locker when trying to turn tight.

Going through the "Frame Twister"...  Backwards...

 Forwards was just getting a little too boring...

Most trucks have to pick a line so as to not smash their pumpkins and rocker panels. In the TGB there wasn't a line I couldn't take through the rocks.

20" shear ledge? No problem!

Taking a break on the top of the Mountain.

Check out Sorin's meaty new BFG's!

Whoops! That rut was a little deeper than expected...

Got to see this for myself. Note the tire flex when aired down to 18psi.

Lowriders eat your hearts out. That's some serious air.

Ever wonder about how much articulation a 303 has?

The TGB drew quite an audience at the obstacle course doing maneuvers like this.



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