Single rear seat. Iltis are found with one, two, or no rear seats. It is possible to add a second, but this Iltis only includes one. Typically they have only one rear seat when they were equipped with radio equipment.

Rust  repairs are visible where floor meets side panels.

Left rear floor and sill.

Right rear floor and sill.

 Front right floor and sill.

Driver's seat.

Passenger seat. There are a couple tiny tears in the seats. It is common to see a mixture of Olive and Bronze Green seat covers. Bronze green covers are later replacements after the vehicles were repainted Camo from Olive green.


Hood. The paint is cracking on the hood in a couple places. Apparently it was not properly prepped before painting. The old Olive paint is underneath, so there is no risk of corrosion, it just doesn't look very good.

Engine. This Iltis runs very reliable and strong.

Front right fender storage well. Most Iltis have rust here. This one doesn't.

Front left well.

Left rear drive train.

Front left drive train.

Transmission has a little oil seepage.

Center floor underneath. (note, driveshaft was removed for towing to Idaho, it will be installed again shortly)

Looking toward front right from left rear.

Catalytic converter and oxygen sensor retrofit.

Muffler and exhaust looking towards right rear driveline.

Typical tread depth of MIL tires.