Nice front shot.

Paint job is nice but dirty. Camo was done in typical military 'paintbrush' fashion.


This is the worst rust spot. Easily fixed if you wanted to. It was covered with OD duct tape and looked OK. Although this rust may look bad in these pictures, this Iltis is by no means a rust-bucket. They are just prone to problems in a few areas. Almost every Iltis you see has rust or rust repairs done by the Bundeswehr or civilian owners. This one is just due for a little attention.

Same spot from inside fender well.

Right rear fender well to rocker has light rust repair and some rust btween the outer rocker and the fender well.

Right door sill was bumped and is slightly bowed.

Rear sill has had rust repair the width of the body.

Repair panel visible below tank filler and jerry can rack.

Left rear fender well to rocker has had rust repair done.

Front left fender well to rocker has some rust, but much less than the right side.

Interior floors to rocker panels have some rust forming, but are sound.

Rear floor. Some rust near rockers.

BRAND NEW Kirkland (Costco) batteries.

Rear seats are perfect.

Front seats are perfect.

Driver's too!

83882KM. Speedo is not working. Probably needs cable. Need to investigate.

Dash is complete and everything functions. (except speedo, which will likely be fixed soon, as soon as I get a chance to look at the cable)

The vehicle has Fulda U12 and Goodyear G90 tires. They are identical and interchangeable. This is the current tire in use by the Bundeswehr. Tread is nice and deep.

Typical delaminated top strap. All the straps are like this and you will see this on every single Iltis you will ever see.

Rear window. Pretty darn good shape. No holes. A little scuffed, but very serviceable. Could likely be improved with some Meguire's plastic polish. I had not even cleaned it yet in this picture.

Top view of top. No holes. Good camo. Looks sharp!

Engine compartment. Nice and dry. No leaks. Runs and drives good. Just a little bit of smoke. Might need valve seals, but that's kid stuff.

Front passenger floor to rocker. The big rust spot is behind this panel.

Reverse angle of rear floor.

Units markings painted over. I believe this is done when they are surplused. I believe that is some sort of tank division.

View under engine and transmission. Nice and dry.