Iltis being dropped off in Bremerhaven.

Rear view in Bremerhaven. Note: broken plexiglass rear window. This should be soft plastic and can be easily fixed by an upholstery shop.

Typical patches made on top material. Olive tops were painted with new camo colors and the paint often wears off like this.

The top frame has one bow that is slightly bent. This is what is causing the wrinkles. This also causes the doors to sit a bit askew. It can be easily remedied.

Typical delamination of the straps. This is unfortuantely very common, even on tops in excellent condition.

Opposite side view.

These are the only unrepaired holes. They are miniscule.

View of the engine. There is some seepage from the valve cover gasket. This is a standard VW Rabbit part available at any auto parts store. The engine runs well and strong, although it does consume a little oil and emits a little smoke from the exhaust at times.

Front right storage well.

Front left storage well.

Rear cargo area with seats folded. Rails can be used for mounting equipment.

Reverse angle.

Rear seats. This pic is a little distorted, but the condition of the seats is obvious. There is only one small repair on the left seat back.

Driver seat. Distorted pic, perfect seat. The driver seat was repalced at one time as evidenced by the newer Bronze Green vinyl.

Front seats.

Driver side floor. Surface rust only. NO ROT.

Passenger side floor. Levers are for the front drive engagement and the rear diff lock.

Windshield frame is the only area of cancer. It is intact and repairable though. I have options available to remedy this.

Front view.

Glass is cracked from the rust. Flat windshield glass can be cheaply cut to size.

Driver side inside view.

Dash and switches.

Left taillight lens is damaged, but intact.

Typical fender well. Flaking undercoating, but NO RUST.

Exhaust is in good shape and has no holes.

Typical surface rust on frame. Diff is nice and dry.

Front underbelly. Only slight wetness from seeping valve cover. Behind the frame rail, out of sight, is a BRAND NEW starter.

BRAND NEW drive shaft.

Nice side shot.


Rear view. Brand new Jerry can from 1959 is included.

Michelin XCL 6.5R16 Radials. These are 60-80% tread used tires that I fitted while the vehicle was still in Germany.

Batteries. They don't look great, but the vehicle started first crank after sitting almost four months. Rust is surface only. Their is a metal cover that is stored in front of the batteries. It can be attached to the front of the vehicle to stop mud from entering the radiator when fording.

Rear floor. Note: Metal grill cover.

Reverse angle. Note: when viewing floor pictures, observe where the floors meet the sides of the vehicle. This is where most Iltis have sever rust problems. If  the vehicle has been repaired, you can see very obviously where metal has been welded in.